Is he or she cheating? Domestic issues make up a large part of my business.  I feel like I have seen it all and yet, surprises still come along.  There are always clues.  Infidelity is mentally, physically and emotionally complicated and therefore, challenging to disguise.  Usually your first clue is a “gut feeling”.  Your inner senses will alert you that something is just not right.  Things begin to NOT add up. 

A change in behavior is a red flag.  A spouse may suddenly have new interests in music, food, friends or sexual interests.  They may become more secretive with their phone and computer.  Passwords change.  Their circle of friends may expand.  Men especially may tell you about their new interest explaining they are just friends.

A change in appearance is another red flag.  Hair and clothing styles change.  More often than not, perfumes or aftershaves will change.  Fitness and weight control will become more important.

Cheating takes time and a change in one’s schedule is another red flag.  Working overtime and business trips offer the best opportunities for a cheating spouse.  Weekend activities with friends may not be with friends at all.

Private investigators can assist in making an accurate determination of your marriage situation.  It may be as simple as analyzing a spouse’s statements.  However, there is often a need to conduct surveillance on his or her activities.  A skilled investigator can perform covert surveillance and document his findings with video photography. 

You may be pleasantly surprised.  Some time ago a client of mine was informed his wife had been seen with another man on several occasions in a coffee shop.  Surveillance was conducted and I quickly determined she was meeting with a videographer.  They were planning a celebratory video for my client’s upcoming birthday.  Yes, I did have to spoil the surprise but it certainly relieved a stressful situation.

Marriage is a contractual agreement and you have the right to know.  If you are unsure, call 918.494.7997 for a free confidential discussion.