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“Voted Top 3 Best Private Investigators in Tulsa”

Don Bradford Special Investigations is a full service licensed and bonded private investigation agency based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We provide professional investigations to attorneys, insurance companies, businesses and the private sector.

Mr. Bradford has conducted investigations in nearly every state in the union. He is a member in good standing of the Oklahoma Private Investigator’s Association. He is certified by the Council on Law Enforcement, Education and Training. He holds a Business Management degree from the University of Tulsa and a post graduate degree from the Naval Post Graduate School in aircraft accident investigation.

Mr. Bradford served his country for nine years as a pilot in the United States Navy. He completed two cruises aboard the aircraft carriers USS America and USS Nimitz flying the A-7 Corsair II attack aircraft.

Following the Navy, Mr. Bradford returned to the field of private investigations. He served for five years as an investigator for his father’s Tulsa based Confidential Investigations before establishing Don Bradford Special Investigations in 1988.

Today, Don Bradford, Oklahoma Private Investigator, is firmly committed to providing quality investigations. Every case is given the highest priority. No case is too big or too small. Results are, and always will be, the motivational factor. Every client’s needs will be treated with sensitivity and understanding. You will feel safe and confident working with Don Bradford Special Investigations.



We are highly experience in vehicular surveillance as well as covert electronic video surveillance. Successful electronic surveillance is assured through utilization of the latest and most sophisticated video equipment available including wireless pinhole cameras, extended time-lapse recorders and infra-red recording devices for night filming.


Most often Marital/Divorce/Child Custody disputes require surveillance. Don Bradford Special Investigations offers professional mobile surveillance including electronic tracking when permitted by law. You will be given an accurate assessment of the situation including High Definition Video and/or Digital Photography documentation.


We have established a successful track record locating missing individuals including children, biological parents, relatives, skips, witnesses and heirs. Linked to sophisticated nationwide data systems, we have the capability to instantaneously access a broad range of intelligence which will enhance any search requirements.


We provide expeditious background and social media searches that help identify potential jurors who may relate positively to the defense themes in a case.  Once the jury pool is established we can provide a revealing look into each individual selected, and do so OVERNIGHT.  Attorneys will know during “voir dire” if a potential juror’s presentation in court fits our findings.  Attorneys can target their questions to specific jurors and get a sense if the juror is being honest with his or her answers.  Jury selection will be quicker.  Hidden agenda jurors will be more easily identified.


We provide visual presentations for the courtroom environment. Utilizing state of the art digital software, film evidence can be enhanced for lighting deficiencies and color correction. Film can be edited to the relevant areas of concern and text can be added for additional clarity. We also offer audio/visual support for witness interviews and depositions.


We assist insurance companies and their clients, as well as self insured entities, in the defense of fraudulent claims. We will determine the integrity of the claim through a comprehensive analysis of the claimant’s activities. Documentation of the relevant activities will be provided through High Definition video film allowing an accurate assessment by the client.


We have developed one of the most comprehensive information gathering networks in the country. This system is powered by the most sophisticated computer technology available. In a matter of minutes background information can be made available to the client with respect to:



Please read below to find the answers to questions that are commonly asked by clients…

How long have you been in the investigation business?

Since 1969

How long do you maintain records with regard to my case?

Records are stored indefinitely and can be retrieved quickly if needed.

Do you collect a retainer prior to starting my case?

Yes, I do collect a retainer. The amount of retainer is dependent on how much time I estimate your case will consume. Should your case not take as much time as predicted, the remaining balance will be reimbursed back to you. If your case goes over the initial retainer, you will be contacted for additional retainer.

What kind of reports will I receive from surveillance work?

You will be provided activity reports which describe the activity observed and time it was observed. All surveillance will be documented on High Definition Video or Digital Photography.  The client will be kept well informed on the progress of the investigation.

What is the minimum information needed for locating an individual?

Many times just a name and correct spelling is all that is needed. The next most important information is a date of birth or approximate age.

If there a charge for my initial consultation?

No, there is no charge for initial consultation.

Will the person I am looking for be notified that I am looking for them?

The location process I use does not leave “footprints” on the records search. Therefore, the person being searched will not be aware of any search activity.

What is your success rate at finding missing persons?

My success rate is approximately 95%. The more information you can provide, the better my success rate.

Which credit cards do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards and Paypal.


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