Please read below to find the answers to questions that are commonly asked by clients…

How long have you been in the investigation business?

Since 1969

How long do you maintain records with regard to my case?

Records are stored indefinitely and can be retrieved quickly if needed.

Do you collect a retainer prior to starting my case?

Yes, I do collect a retainer. The amount of retainer is dependent on how much time I estimate your case will consume. Should your case not take as much time as predicted, the remaining balance will be reimbursed back to you. If your case goes over the initial retainer, you will be contacted for additional retainer.

What kind of reports will I receive from surveillance work?

You will be provided activity reports which describe the activity observed and time it was observed. All surveillance will be documented on High Definition Video or Digital Photography.  The client will be kept well informed on the progress of the investigation.

What is the minimum information needed for locating an individual?

Many times just a name and correct spelling is all that is needed. The next most important information is a date of birth or approximate age.

If there a charge for my initial consultation?

No, there is no charge for initial consultation.

Will the person I am looking for be notified that I am looking for them?

The location process I use does not leave “footprints” on the records search. Therefore, the person being searched will not be aware of any search activity.

What is your success rate at finding missing persons?

My success rate is approximately 95%. The more information you can provide, the better my success rate.

Which credit cards do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards and Paypal.