FRAUD IS RAMPANT.  When I was growing up my grandmother always told me “You will need to work for everything you get”.  She has been absolutely correct.  However, as a private investigator, I have observed others whose grandmother’s must not have provided the same advice.  They don’t intend to work for what they get.  They intend to get what you have.  FRAUD is RAMPANT.  It has become even more so since the technology advances of the 90’s.  The pick-pockets of today pick your pocket with a keyboard and computer.  Many of my cases over the past year have been locating scammers for my clients.  Some of these clients have lost tens of thousands of dollars.  One scam is the Craigslist scam.  I have personal experience with this one.  You place an item on Craigslist and get a text asking for your bottom price.  They agree to pay the price but they want to send someone local to pick up the item since the buyer lives out of town.  They want to pay with a cashier’s check and will gladly wait for the cashier’s check to clear before sending the courier for pick up.  The cashier’s check is made out to cover the price of the item and the courier’s charges.  So, when the courier arrives to pick up the item you pay him his hefty fee and the transaction is over.  At least until you find out weeks later the cashier’s check is no good.  Just keep in mind the old saying, “if it sounds too good, it should probably be avoided.”