Recently DBSI was involved in the search and successful location of a missing child. The abduction of children is at epidemic proportions in our country. As parents, please know where your children are. Do not leave them alone at any time.

The recent horrifying pictures of Carlie Brucia being led away by her eventual killer prompts this agency to plead with parents to instruct their children properly in the event of a similar attack. Experience in these type of cases has shown clearly that children, as well as adult victims, must immediately scream or shout out for help. Make a scene. Do not under any circumstances relent to the attacker.

Traffic fatalities are at an all time high for age groups 16 through 25. Driving under the influence is the primary cause. Recently this agency was involved in a traffic fatality case, which resulted in a manslaughter conviction and seven years in prison for the young driver. Ultimately two lives were lost for senseless reasoning. Please take the time to instruct your children about driving and not drinking. The price to be paid can be very high.